[B] is for #bodiesbyphil (and [F] is for #fitfam)

In addition to varsity running, another important part of my life is #bodiesbyphil and the amazing friends (#fitfam) that I’ve made since starting there – a circle of friends which continues to grow.


I found Bodiesbyphil (or BBP, as we affectingly call it) shortly after returning to Ottawa post law school. I was in kind of a funk – I knew I didn’t want to be a lawyer, but had an articling position lined up that I was about to start, my licensing exams to complete and was sinking in debt – and I needed an outlet for stress. That’s when I found Phil’s!

In my first week, I could only get through two classes – with breaks. Within the span of two months, I was going every day, Monday to Friday. By Christmas, I’d signed up for a Goodlife membership so that I could lift weights on the weekends, when BBP was closed.

Not only has BBP transformed me physically – into a beast! –


– but it has transformed me psychologically and emotionally. First and foremost, I’ve made some of the best friends that I have ever had. We support each other in our endeavours inside and outside of the gym; we have fun together at football games, movie nights, comedy shows, dinners – with plans to do tons more!


I’m also more confident and happier than I have ever been – and I credit BBP.

If you can’t find me at varsity practice, it’s because I’m at BBP. 13516258_10154030740959667_7450106689934351357_n

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Ph.D. student specializing in vampires, werewolves, zombies and the law. Runner, cyclist, weightlifter and yogi. Doggie mama and all around weirdo.

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