[R] is for Research Interests – Part I

In addition to my field of study, my research interests have evolved since the beginning of my post-secondary ‘career’. Originally enrolled at the University of Ottawa in Environmental Studies (the artsy version of Environmental Sciences), I realized at a young age that the domain of traditional science isn’t for me. I struggled through classes in physical geography and evolutionary biology. I dabbled in microeconomics and the mandatory first-year philosophy classes and was miserable. I ended up on academic probation and felt lost academically. I’d never failed at anything before and wasn’t sure how to handle it or what to do next. That’s when a friend from grade school (who I happened to run into in one of those philosophy classes) suggested I register for an introductory class in Communications Studies.


From the moment my professor walked into class, a respectable but hip man with a grey suit and a pierced ear, and started talking about the Internet and mobile phones, I was hooked! I pulled my act together fairly quickly, retaking the classes that I’d flunked – turns out that that “E” on my transcripts didn’t stand for “Excellent” – and adding in summer classes, with the goal of raising my GPA so that I could switch into an Honours program, majoring in Communications and minoring in Business Administration.

Success! In the summer semester of my second year, I officially transferred in and spent the rest of my undergrad making up for lost time. I completed my minor in Business Administration (nearly minoring in Accounting at the same time) as well as the major in Communications. The two programs complimented each other nicely – in Comms, I learned the theory behind the media; in Business, I learned the ‘bizness’ of the media, taking several marketing classes and putting theory to practice. All of those accounting classes were an added bonus.


To be continued…

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Ph.D. student specializing in vampires, werewolves, zombies and the law. Runner, cyclist, weightlifter and yogi. Doggie mama and all around weirdo.

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